Halloween Touch

Halloween Touch is a point-and-click experience built for toddlers as a way to reinforce basic concepts of object permanence, variable world-states, and object interaction, as well as to bestow in its audience a sense of joy for exploration and discovery.

Built for exploration

Almost every hand-drawn object in Halloween Touch can be clicked and dragged at any time. Additionally, some objects can interact with each other or change the world around them. Flick a lightswitch, and suddenly the entire world is different. Eat every apple in the candy dish and you might be able to coax the shy owner of the house to refill the bowl.

Built with purpose

Games allow us to communicate with children on levels we could never access simply by talking to them. The interactions in Halloween Touch are designed to teach and reinforce valuable concepts for interacting with the world. Dividing the world into a light and dark version teaches children that objects and people react differently in different situations. Consistent animations allow children to experiment with object permanence - change the color of a pumpkin's glow, and it will remain the same regardless of how many times you turn the light switch on and off.

And of course, the entirety of the atmospheric setting allows children to safely explore what might otherwise be a scary situation, and to discover a sense of joy in what they might have previously only seen as frightening.

Built with safety

We believe very strongly that content for kids should be accessable to kids. Parents should never need to worry about what might happen when their kids pick up something built for them. Because of that philosophy, Halloween Touch has been built first and foremost with your child in mind; and it's in the small details where that attitude really shines. We have no built-in ads and no in-app purchases, and never will. In fact, we don't have any links at all out of the app - even in the credits - so you never need to worry about your child accidently clicking or navigating to something you didn't want them to see.

We've purposefully built an environment that's totally safe, so that your child can explore and experiment as much as they want.

Available now on Android and iOS

Copyright 2013 - Represents a work in progress. Contact me at shumway.danny@gmail.com