If you were crazy, and you knew it, what would you do?

Eyes Open is a horror stealth game that forces you to preserve your sanity by closing your eyes and navigating its levels blindly. Trapped in an asylum you have no memory of, constantly pursued by creatures out of your most fantastic nightmares, and rapidly succumbing to the effects of your own degenerating mind, you'll need to trust your instincts and be braver than ever before if you hope to overcome the loss of one of your greatest assets - your ability to see.

What is Eyes Open?

A randomly generated top-down retro horror game where you stealth past monsters and manage your sanity by closing your eyes. A single playthrough should last somewhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and you're encouraged to play through multiple times.

Closing your eyes?

Yup. The game won't pause, and monsters will still chase you - you just won't be able to see anything. Feeling your way around a wall just in time to hear a hiss coming somewhere from your left is something you kind of have to experience to get.

What abilities do I have?

You don't. Eyes Open is what we've started calling a reverse-empowerment experience. Every monster and environment you enter saps your agency and abilities just a little bit more. Since you're not leveling up or collecting gear, thinking clearly and exploiting small opportunities to sneak past the next beast is the only way you stay alive.

What type of horror are we talking about?

We're experimenting with horror through gameplay. Our game isn't driven by gore, blood, or graphics - we create clear, understandable mechanics and use them to put you in uncomfortable situations that force you to make difficult choices. Rather than exploiting shallow fears like "is there a murderer in your closet", we're looking to ask deeper, more disturbing questions, like "how do you recognize reality and fiction?" and "Do your disabilities define you?"

Who's the current team?

Eyes Open is a joint project between three different people:

  • Sarah Armstrong, heading art
  • Sean Brennan, helping with design and engine development
  • myself, heading design, and working on both the engine and publishing.

Release Date?

Eyes Open is in suspended development at the moment - we're looking for funding to bring on additional team members. We'd like to release the game sometime in 2015, assuming we can get the funding we need.

Copyright 2013 - Represents a work in progress. Contact me at shumway.danny@gmail.com